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New Update



                                         Hy Sweeties,

       This time i am back with two Challenges / Ik ben weer twee 

       nieuwe Wedstrijden.
       Challenge Erotic Blend - Wedstrijd Erotic Blend
       RULES - REGELS:
  1.  Use at least 2 pictures - Gebruik op zn minst 2 foto’s
  2.  Erverything is permitted - Alles is toegestaan      

       Colourize Red Lady - Colourize Red Lady

       Rules – Regels:

       Klick on the Thumbnail to join this competition – Klik op de

       Thumbnail om mee te doen


                         All entries in this blog please -
                   Alle Entries hier in deze blog plaatsen
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                                                                Hay Sweeties ,
                                                     I am back from my long space break. 
                                                             How are you all doing?
                                      Wow  there have been some changes around spaceland
                                   i don’t like it :( snik snik But i will try to keep my space nice
                                            I also have a new addiction…making a website
                              i have try to make a site on a free host,don’t know if i will keep it.
                    so please have a look at my Firts Website and let me know what you think of it.
                                             Just Click on the banner below, Thank you.
                                  I will also stard a new challenge(s)…Hoop to see your entries
                                           Zo ik ben er weer na een lange(?) space break…
                     Ik had even geen zin meer in het spacen en we zijn ook op vakantie geweest.
                     We zijn net een weekje terug en tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat Msn onze spaces
                     weer had geupdate……verschikkelijjk zeg…. ik moest alles weer opnieuw doen 
         maar ja…we gaan gewoon weer door. Hoe is het met jullie iedereen een fijne vakantie gehad?
            Ik heb een nieuwe verslaaving bij….website maken….ik heb mijn eerste website gemaakt.              
  Komen jullie ook een kijkje nemen op mijns site? Het is nog wel een  freehost…maar we zien wel      
                                       of het wat is(wordt)…..Please,zeg me wat je er van vindt..
                                       Click op de banner om naar mijn site te gaan…than you:)
                                                                       xXx K@rin@
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                               Wanna Affiliate your Space or Psp/Ps Website?
              Live me your Button ( size:100×35 or 88×31)with the url of your Space/Site.
                                                And it will be linked in here.
                               For those who don’t know  how to make a Button…..
                          I made some for you..hope you like theme,so have a look….
                                               just save it on your hard disk.
                 1. 2. 3. 4. 
                   5. 6. 7. 8.

                                 Don’t know how to add  some text in to your Button?
                                      Let me know and i will make it for you…
                                       just leave the name of your Space/Site
                                                  and the Button number.
                                                       Hugssss K@rin@
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               ……. The Winners …….

 CH10 & Ch11
Thanks to everyone who’s entered one of my challenges
I hope you’ve enjoyed makeing the Colorize & the Magazine Cover 
It was really hard to choose the winners so one’s again
i have decided to make 2 Most Creative Awards,
for both challenges.
Hope you will like theme
Congratulations to the Winners
I am sorry for those how didn’t won, so
i hope you will all joining my next Competition(s).
XxX Me ;)
Ch10: Colorize
Ch11 Magazine Cover
Bedankt allemaal voor het mee
Heb erg genoten van jullie colourization’s & Magazine Cover’s
  ik heb ook erg veel plezier gehad bij het maken
van de awards, ik hoop dat jullie ze leuk vinden.
Sorry voor diegene die niets gewonnen hebben. 
Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal weer mee zullen doen met de volgende wedstrijd.
  XxX K@rin@


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This is a little  Colorize tutorial 
It took me sometime to wright it down,because my english is very Bad!!
So i hope you can undrstand it :)
Please,let me know ,if there is something you don’t know.
I hope you will enjoy,Have Fun :)
There are several different ways to colorize
But i will try to keep it simpel.
Save this picture or use any pic you like.
Start Paint Shop and open your image.
From the menu bar, select Window/Duplicate.
This will create a duplicate of your image,You can close your original now,
We have to use  separate layers for the skin, hair, eye, eyebrow,
 – From the menu bar: go to layers and add a New Raster Layer
- Open your layer palette F8 / The Layer Palette should open.
- Now we have to use the Freehand Selection Tool(lasso tool)
- Selection type: Edge Seeker/ Mode replace/
  Feather: 5/ Range :10/ Smoothing 0/ Anti-alias & Sample merged : Yes.
- Now select the part of the pic which you want to fill with color ( The Skin)
- Choose a color for the skin #fec694 or #f6c6c8( If your model have a dark  skin tone,than use the second color (#f6c6c8)
- Now brush the selection with the color of your choice:
  Use the Paint Brush :Shape rounde/ Size:30/Hardness:50/
- Go to your layer palette: Turn it to Soft Light
- go to to selection: select none
- now your pic look like this..Click Here 
(TIP: Play with the blend Mode: don’t use only the soft light (on al your pic), You can also play with the opacity…)
I like to work with:The soft light/Overlay/ and color mode.
The effects are Awesome!
- Do the same with the hair
- New raster layer / Blend Mode :color or soft light
_ Select the hair with the Freehand tool
- Use paint brush (choose different size)
- Brush the selection with the color of your choice (i choosed #5f4d31)
- Go to selections: select none
Now your picture will look like this…Click here
- New raster layer / blend mode :color/opacity:56
- Select the eye base with the freehand tool
- Use paint brush
- Brush the selection with the color of your choice (i choosed #6c9a7e)
- Go to selections: select none
Now your picture will look like this…Click here
- New raster layer/blend mode:soft light
- Select the white of the eye with your Freehand tool
- Brush the selection with the color #ffffff
- Go to selections: select none
Now your picture will look like this…Click here
- New raster layer / blend mode :Soft light/opacity:78
- Select the Make up with the freehand tool
- Brush the selection with the same color as the eye base(#6c9a7e)
- Go to selections: select none
Now your picture will look like this…Click here
- New raster layer / blend mode :color/opacity:54
- Select the eyebrow with the freehand tool
- Brush the selection with the color #5f4d31
- Go to selections: select none
now your picture will look like this…
We want to save our image/go to your layer palette
right click : Merge/merge visible
-Go to file/Save as:
Save it as jpeg or gif.
I hope you have enjoyed making this lesson.
 Hugzssssssss K@rin@
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This Time it will be 2 ChallengeS Colorize & Make a Magazine Cover
Challenge10- Make A Colorize


1. Use one of the pic below
2. No Brushes or Effects
3. Text and border are allowed
4. Enjoy And Have Fun!!!

Deze keer heb ik 2 Wedstrijden Colorize & Maak een Magazine Cover
Wedstrijd10- Maak een Colorize


1. Gebruik alleen 1 van de onderste plaatjes
2. Geen Brushes/Effects enz
3. Je Naam Of een Tekst is toegestaan
4. Border mag
5. Veel Plezier!!!



 Challenge 11-Make a Magazine Cover


1. Use only your Colorized picture!

2. No Effects or Border

3. Brushes yes

4. It must be your own work

5. Be Creative :)

6. Enjoy and Have Fun!!!


Wedstrijd 11 – Maak een Magazine Cover…Van je Colorize


   1. Gebruik alleen je colorize van wedstrijd 10!

   2. Geen Effects en geen border

   3. Brushes ja

   4. Het moet je eigen werk zijn!

   5. Wees Creatief

   6. Veel Plezier!!!      



Both CHALLENGES will END 23 of July


DE WEDSTRIJD START ZONDAG (09.07.2006)                


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